One from 800

Allow me to introduce Emma. She was one of the people I asked for a photo for eighthundred. I had just finished my lunch in the lovely setting of St Lukes church. As I was leaving she arrived and looked fantastically cool so I had to get her photo. Besides looking cool she was a very cool person. Whitty, fun, not at all shy. We had to pick 2 photos from our set to get enlarged and this was one of them. Why? Well out of all the people I met that day she stood out the most. Some people were a bit shy about it, others not so much but that was because they were in groups. She was the only single person I photographed that was totally naturally, at ease, and very cool. The Popcultured website has officially gone live now featuring all sorts of cool content from eighthundred to rgb.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.