On the waterfront

On the waterfront

I never planned to go to this. Sitting in the cold watching a film I probably wouldn’t enjoy didn’t really grab me. I hated myself for being so narrow minded when I got there. I wasn’t planning on going at all but I went out for a walk in the evening and figured I’d take a look on the way. I think I was there about 40 mins watching a film I had no idea about. Thats how captivating it was. What a location! Your cinema has the 3 Graces in and ships sailing by! Its incredible. The museum is perfectly designed for showing films and you’ve got to wonder why its taken 9 months to do this. I seriously hope they do more.

I did some “live blogging” via Twitter while I was there too. Wow!. There’s such an atmosphere here. I’m also expecting… Oh noes!


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