On the Waterfront

Brilliant evening last night at Salthouse Dock, by Albert Dock in Liverpool. ‘A wave to Picasso’ by Walk the Plank. Fireworks, flames, pyrotechnics, music, ships, and a stunning backdrop. Theres more over the weekend and this event is repeated tonight.

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  1. Yes I was there too, but on the opposite side to you, a good night was had by all. As usual you have taken a stunning shot, thanks.

  2. Great shot Pete Carr! I show your gallery and tutorial to a new batch of my students every month! Thanks for sharing the information on HDR, and the inspirational photography. Most of the time your work gives me the desire to go out and do more photography myself. It never fails to inspire the students. Your photos of Liverpool make me want to be there! Keep it up!

  3. Nathan Rowland Avatar
    Nathan Rowland

    Absolutely Fantastic! I would love a piece of your work on my wall.