Obama inauguration in Liverpool

Incase you live under a rock, yesterday was the inauguration of President Barack Obama. I think in order to appreciate the magnitude of the event you only have to look at the fact that communities all over the UK had parities to celebrate the man. How often do you hear about parties for our politicians? Politics aside it was great to be in Toxteth to see them support President Obama. I’ve got a bigger slideshow of the event to build when I get time. I think the most amazing thing about the event was the variety of people. Black, white, old, young. There were your stereotypical Scouse schoolgirls there. The type that you would probably assume spend time dicussing the guys of Liverpool FC instead of coming out to support the newly elected President of the USA. I thought that was amazing to see. All walks of life from the community came to show their support. Packed out too. I spent the duration of the event in the doorway because there were around 400-500 people there.

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  1. Wonderful emotional portrait.

  2. Fantastic portrait, very strong. Hoping for a new world!

  3. Great pictures. Parties in Ireland too, playing the Beatles ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

  4. Bonjour,
    Well done portrait..Congratulations for your “best european photoblog of the year 2008”..Bravo!

  5. Very nice portrait!
    Yes, we can!

  6. Wonderful portrait and thanks for sharing the experience from the UK! It was a momentous day here in California too.