New York Diary Day 7

A rainy day in NYC. We went for a wander to Soho and the Leica store where I bought a copy of the official Leica mag which featured an interview with Sarah Lee and her work in LA which was great. There was also an exhibition of work in Cuba that was stunning. After that we went shopping because it was really quite cold in the rain. We tried to get into one of those trendy bakeries but the queues were really absurd. I didn’t fancy spending an hour or two of my time in NYC waiting for a doughnut.

This was also the time I started my series on disposable Christmas trees which looked at the bizarreness of throwing Christmas trees out after only a couple of days of Christmas.

Maybe it was the rain but I wasn’t overly fussed by Soho. It just seemed like a lot of trendy shops. I enjoyed photographing the people though.

After our day in Soho we went to Times Square to catch a play. It wasn’t some big name Broadway production, though we were tempted by Hamilton if we could have got tickets. This play was a simple one man story about a photographer who went looking for a long lost tribe and ended up joining them. The play was performed by one man and a very sophisticated microphone. We all had to wear headphones and the entire play was done through them. It was very engaging. It’s been around the UK a bit so if you see it near you I’d highly recommend it. It’s called ‘The Encounter’.

The play ended and we hung out in Times Square for a bit. I found it fun because it was so so busy and the light interesting. So much light.


Heading home we see dancing in the subway. It’s a fun end to another interesting day in NYC.

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