New York Diary – Day 4

This was our last day at our Central Park hotel. It was very expensive so we treated ourselves to Christmas in Manhattan and New Year in Brooklyn. Today was moving day.

But first we got up early. Real early. I found out that the Snap Spectacle popup store would be open while we were in town and not only that but literally over the road from our hotel. So we got up crazy early and queued outside the store around 6am or so. When the store opened they were giving out time-slots not glasses. We went and got breakfast to kill some time.

When we came back later, we queued again and bought some. They’re a total gimmick but they gave us an interesting perspective on our holiday. I’ve never seen anyone use them in the UK. A few in NYC. I guess they do look a bit odd but the result is a 10 second movie from your own point of view. If you wear them all the time as we did then it’s quicker to tap the button by my eye and record something than raise my Leica to my face and plan a photo. I really enjoyed them and I’m tempted by version 2.0. They’re very funky in midnight blue.

Circular video from Snap Spectacles shot on Top of the Rock a few days later.

Afterwards it was still early so we went to MoMa just as it opened, which was a brilliant idea as by the time we we were leaving the queues were simply staggering.

We tried to go for lunch at a cafe someone recommended as it was quite nice and closing soon but apparently word got out and the queue was round the block. We ate elsewhere.

After it was packing and leaving time. I’d miss our hotel. They had a happy “hour” from 5-7 which featured free food and drinks. Nothing amazing for me. Free snacks but free Prosecco which was nice. We chatted with many Americans while enjoying happy hour. Good fun. It was expensive but I don’t regret it for a minute. It was a real experience. Our next hotel was a Hampton and felt like we were in Derby or Bristol. I mean great because you feel safe and it’s a home away from home but it wasn’t America like the other one was.

We arrived in Brooklyn fairly late I think but we had to go out for a walk. It was our first time outside Manhattan and we needed to see that iconic skyline.

It was raining a little and there was very low cloud. We weren’t sure what we would see, if anything but it was only 10 minutes from the hotel so we wandered.

Even though it was late a couple were having some wedding photos taken. Quite a memorable night for it because the low cloud created an absolutely incredible view.

The colours in the sky were amazing. This view was a real highlight of the trip and I’m so glad I’m a photographer so I can capture the memory as best as possible. No iPhone snap for me.

I took a quick panorama with the Leica Q. I need to print this on some thin metal mount and hang it in our backroom. It really is some view. On the far left you can just about see the Statue of Liberty and then on the right you’ve got the Brooklyn Bridge. Most iconic buildings are lost to the clouds. I just loved this skyline and even when we saw it on a clear evening I think I preferred this view of it. (Click/tap the image to view it larger)

Tired after a long and exciting day we headed back to the hotel. They had Brooklyn Lager on tap but you know I don’t think I ever got around to having any there because we were always so tired when we came in. Straight to bed.

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