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Welcome to my new blog.  Unlike Vanilla Days this is going to be an actual blog.  It won’t be daily.  Its going to be about things that don’t fit into Vanilla Days as that is mainly a photoblog about Liverpool.  I want to split my work from it so that I have a place to show and discuss professional work.  The obvious issue is dupicate content.  Vanilla Days has over 650 subscribers to the RSS feed alone, this has none.  So if I want to let people know about my new book do I discuss it there or here?  I think for now I’m going to mention it there and talk in depth here.  That is the point of this blog after all.  Its about my work.

So please subscribe to the feed via an RSS reader or via email.  I’ll update when I update.

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  1. Timely post Pete.

    I’m going through the same thought process right now. I’m currently juggling 3 discipline’s and I can’t make up whether to bring them all together in a personal blog or keep them separate? It’s a minefield. Professional site and a professional blog, or personal blog(s) bridging the discipline’s or related purely to the individual…aagh.

    The Nikon post makes for an interesting read. I’ve got the old 5D with various lenses, including the 17-40. I think it would have been out of it’s depth on the 5d mk11. Nikon are on a bit of a roll at the moment and they do look really good.

    I like this wordpress template your using, nice and clean. I been looking at several, can’t find one that quite suits the bill…might have to do it myself.

    Funnily enough I’m using a similar diagonal image on my new site like the one under your header (which is not finished yet, might get around to it tonight).

    Whats the new book? is it the HDR book you mentioned a while ago.

    On a technie note, not sure if the twitter posts are causing the navigation to drop down onto two lines? Also the monospaced font for the comment box causes me to keep checking my word spacing, though I am getting increasingly long sighted with age. 🙁

    Enjoy Manchester

  2. Looking forward to reading the blog. Nice one 🙂