Nathaniel Severs

Nathaniel Severs. An ordinary looking guy who happened to walk along Thurstaston Beach from Portsmouth. He left Portsmouth on the 10th January and has walked up here by himself. He’s walking around the UK coast line. All of 7000 miles of it. Its a bit of a crazy thing to do for sure. Apparently he was a little bored so off he went. The plan is to be back home before Xmas.

He has a website and a Twitter account you can follow. I’ve uploaded a full set to Flickr where you can watch a slideshow of the event.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

2 thoughts on “Nathaniel Severs”

  1. Loving these stranger portraits. Very interesting story, good luck to him, he’s doing well so far. They should have him on that coast programme. Will have a peek at the flickr slideshow.

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