I occasionally worry that I should live in the big city. That I should be close to daily life there to better document it. It’s harder to make good photos in the “suburbs” where it’s quieter. That said it’s sometimes more important to try. I guess modern day fear of missing out makes me think I should be living in a big city. Plus, living on the other side of a river means you always have a bus to catch to get home. There’s no nice long walk from the cinema or restaurant. It’s broken up by an anxious bus trip home filled with noisy humans.

All that goes away at this time of year though because I sail to work. I watch the sun come up over the city. I see the light burning through the big city haze. I feel the crisp autumn air in my lungs. People are out walking their dogs, running and cycling. There’s no traffic on my commute. Ships go by and the sound of massive machines can be heard across the river.

I am super lucky to have this. So few people get to experience this in the morning. Sure you get to stay out a bit later or are closer to interesting happenings but you miss this view and I never tire of it.

Maybe this is why these photos are Instagram fodder. I often forget that it’s actually a rare thing to experience. Outside of the costs involved in owning a house it’s a free walk and a ferry ticket around £3.40. Total bargain.

Best of all I get to go and sit in my favourite cafe in Liverpool and people watch. It’s Love Locks on Old Hay Market. Neatly tucked out the way but with a gorgeous view of big old trees. I can’t think of another city centre cafe that has a view of big old trees.


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