Mmmm crepes

A crepe seller at the Xmas Market last year. I really miss the Christmas period for street photography. The lights, the atmosphere. There is a certain magic to it all and it seems gone now. January is cold, damp, chilly, overcast and the streets are for getting sales before they’re gone. I tried doing some street photography yesterday and failed. People are simply moving around from one place to another. Nothing was happening. I need to get back out there. Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year and it should be a damn good show. It always is. Last year though I think the crowds got to me. I’ve been there for 3 or 4 years now and I’ve got the shots that work banked. I didn’t feel like braving the crazy crowds to get the same old stuff so I took my time and tried to find the other things. But it can be quite overwhelming and its easy to get depressed when you’re not banking shot after shot. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a good day.


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