May Home-screen

I’m not sure I’ve ever done one of these types of posts but I thought it’d be interesting to show off my iPhone X home-screen. I say show off like a proud father but it’s fairly dull. 

iPhone X home-screen in May
iPhone X home-screen in May

First row

  1. Scanbot – This is my go to receipt / document scanner. I open it, scan document and it saves it everywhere I need as a PDF with OCR support. It’s fantastic. I use it every time I get a receipt and I know the receipt is then easy to find when I need it.
  2. MileWiz – This tracks my miles for work. Super easy to use. Though it often tracks bus / ferry trips. I wish there was one that just worked when it was connected to my car Bluetooth. I’ve tried a few that do that and they’re buggy.
  3. Settings (Oh my) – I’m always fiddling with settings.
  4. Notes – Default iOS notes app is really brilliant. I store info for trips, work, blog posts, instagram weeks, shoots, everything. Evernote used to be my jam but it got old and stale so now its Notes.

Second row

  1. Bear – Bear is like Apple Notes but with better features. Why use Bear and Notes? Bear has great export features. I can take a note and export it as Markdown or a PDF. It’s also very stylish but not in an all style no substance way and you can customise the themes.
  2. Things 3 – Things is my current to do app. I also have Wunderlist, Microsoft ToDo, Omnifocus, Todoist and Any List installed on my phone because you’re not a power iOS user if you don’t jump to do apps every 6 months. Things 3 though feels like the first real app in a while that’s managed to hold my attention. I hear Omnifocus 3 is on its way so who knows? For now I’m liking Things 3 because of its minimal design and stupidly helpful feature “Headlines”. This allows me to split up a to do list into sections. The lists look more manageable this way and more organised. For example, this blog. I have a list for this blog that’s split into days and I create entries based on post ideas and put them in the right day for the post. It’s really helped me plan the week ahead for the blog.
  3. Day One – My dairy app. I’ve been using it since it came out. I don’t use it every day but it’s there when I need it. I love the Apple Watch app for times when I want to log location info from a cafe I’m in without getting my phone out.
  4. Photos – I’ve got over 100,000 images in my library going all the way back to when I was 6 months old. It’s incredible to be able to have all that in my pocket.

Third row

  1. Overcast – My podcast app of choice and has been since it was released. The Smart Speed feature alone has been worth it. I’ve saved over 241 hours from it smartly adjusting the speed of a podcast.
  2. Messages – I use this to send Animoji to my wife.
  3. PCalc – If only we could set default apps on iOS. PCalc is the only calculator you need and the about screen features a full game with AR features.
  4. Camera – I use this for selfies and cat photos.

Forth row

  1. Streaks – This I use to automatically log streaks like running every day of the week or swimming every week. It helps me see that I’ve kept going on something I set out to do. You can also set it to do a streak based on the last time you did something. I’ve got one for the chippy so if I’m tempted by bad food I can remind myself that I’m doing well on my streak and to keep away from it.
  2. Mail – I’ve got a bunch of mail apps installed. Sparks, Airmail, Inbox, Gmail, etc. They’re all great but occasionally buggy. I always end up back with Apple Mail. I miss the features of Airmail though. The ability to send an email to another app is so handy.
  3. Drafts 5 – Another notes type app? Sure but this has a purpose too. Drafts is where I start a though before sending it somewhere else like Twitter, email, Bear, Notes etc. It’s insanely powerful.
  4. Unread – I’m getting back into RSS and this is a nice app for that.

Fifth row

  1. Waze – I’ve got CarPlay in my car and it’s good but I bought it for Waze which Apple refuse to allow on CarPlay so yay. But Waze has the best traffic info so I’m testing ways to use Waze.
  2. Lightroom – Helps me get my “real” camera photos into Instagram.
  3. Gyroscope– This pulls in all my health info into one place. I’m not sold on it yet.
  4. Alto’s Odyssey – A beautiful game.


  1. Safari – Browsing html.
  2. Instagram – Browsing people’s breakfasts.
  3. Twitterific – Browsing people’s thoughts on breakfast.
  4. Music – Listening to music after breakfast.

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