Marathon Monday Madness

On Sunday I met with the RNLI in New Brighton again. This time I Was photographing their lifeboat training and meeting the guys to do some portraits. Afterwards I ran 16 miles.

The team at New Brighton are a fun bunch of hardworking people. The atmosphere at the station was very lighthearted but you know that they’re there to train to save lives. While the river was incredibly calm on Sunday, they train for all conditions. I was told that quite often they don’t know what they’re going out to until they’re in the water. They’ll get a page, race down and be out into the water asap. They train to save lives. They all volunteer too.

After the shoot I suited up and ran 16 miles. My current pace on long runs is around 12:15-20 minutes per mile. It’s slow and if I did that pace for the marathon it would take me around 5hrs 30 minutes to complete. That’s an awfully long time to be running. What I’ve come to realise is that I’m just not fit enough to run a marathon. I was for the half marathon, just about. I did a solid pace of 10 mins per mile and I was happy with that. It’s a pace I knew I could train and improve on. The marathon though, it’s massively different and just incredibly hard going. At the moment I run a half marathon then walk a bit, run a mile, walk a bit, run a mile till I’m done. I just can’t keep it up.

When I get home my muscles are very tired and sore. It hurts to walk and after a while I throw up a few times. The fun that I got from running just isn’t there at the moment. I hope it will return when I see the finish line though.

I’m having to fight past the pain in my legs and the mental barriers holding me back. When I finish a run it’s very hard to not throw in the towel. My body hurts. Why am I doing this? It’s horrible. Meeting the RNLI team gives me a reason to keep going. I need to raise over £1,000 to make this agony worthwhile. Please donate via Just Giving. The money raised will specifically go to help the New Brighton station. Anyone who lives round here will be able to know that they’ve made a difference to a local life saving team.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

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  1. Keep up with the training Pete, but make sure you’re getting the right nutrition before, *during* and afterwards. You are taking sufficient water and energy supplies (gels etc) with you on long runs, right?

  2. I normally come to the blog to check out your pictures of liverpool, but todays hit close to home for me because I am a runner and have been there before as well. Keep up the good work, it’s hard no doubt about it. If you haven’t replaced your running shoes in a while I would highly recommend doing that as well. Most shoes have cushioning that will no longer soften the blow of running after 300-400 miles. I don’t spend alot of money on clothes and gear but I do regularly replace my shoes to save my legs.

    I have never commented here before and I must say that the Photography you do is brilliant. We have relatives who live in Manchester but I will definitely be stopping by Liverpool when we visit to see if I can capture the beauty of the city as you do.

    Thanks, and good luck in your training!

  3. Pete, i’m on the New Brighton Crew, we met on Sunday.
    It’s a tough challenge you have set yourself, but one that will make a massive difference in our goal of saving lives at sea. Without people like yourself, we couldn’t do our bit to save lives. Every penny really does count. Believe me Pete, when that wind gets up and i’m being thrown about on that boat, the things keeping me going is the person whose life is in danger and knowing that the RNLI have spent every resource available to ensure that I and the rest of the crew have the best kit, best training and most advanced boats to perform our role and come back home safely.
    Keep it up Pete, we are all behind you!!!!

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