Lonely bench

An empty lonely park bench on a chilly night in Sefton Park.

Although it doesn’t look like it I did use HDR here. 7 exposures bracketed, merged and then adjusted in Lightroom. Why use HDR if it doesn’t look like it needed it? Well I didn’t really know what the end result was going to be so I put everything into one shot and had a play. The detail was there in the sky, the ground, etc. Lots of nice detail in the shadows without any noise and retention of detail in the highlights. I probably could have just used a ND filter but I didn’t have one with me so HDR to the rescue. I really am liking doing the cleaner more non-HDR looking HDR than my older shouty HDR style.I should probably update the HDR tutorial with some new tips one day.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

4 thoughts on “Lonely bench”

  1. I would agree with you, Pete. I like this style better. The sense of place is good.

  2. @petemc I’d love you to teach me how to use my camera properly, I can take people but not objects, I see what I want but it never turns out!

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