Liverpool’s Old Dock

What you are looking at here is the worlds very first commercial dock built in 1715 by Thomas Steers. This is the dock that created Liverpool in more ways than one. It was built on the mouth of the Pool and you can see the original red earth that gave Liverpool its name, the Liver Pool. Its surreal to stand there. You’re standing on the actual site but its inside a room. It feels more like you’re in a museum rather than standing over the original dock. But its quite incredible. This thing created everything Liverpool is today. Its sort of mind blowing in a way.

I should add that you will soon be able to go on tours of the Old Dock thanks to National Museums Liverpool.


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4 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Old Dock”

  1. I get the impression from reading your description that this is not in a museum. Did I misread that? Curious how a dock ends up in a room.

    1. Its not in a museum. They uncovered it a few years back and built a room around it to secure the area as a museum piece.

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