Liverpool’s 800th Birthday Fireworks IV

I posted a colour version of this image a few days ago. Personally I feel it has more “bang” to it in black and white. This will be the last of the fireworks photos I’m going to put up here. I’ve got around 150 other photos that I’ve taken recently that I can put up, so I want to get into them. I’d rather put up 1 fantastic shot than 5 ok ones. I have plenty more fireworks photos from that evening and I’ve put them all on Flickr in a nice set, if you want to see more.

I spent Saturday at the eighthundred gallery. It was great. I got to enjoy the exhibition by watching people potter around it. It was nice seeing all types of people visit it. It’s not an arty gallery full of things people won’t get. Its friends, family, and places people know. Around 2pm it got really busy. Ian and Minako Jackson popped by, followed by my Aunt and Uncle, followed by 2 members of Talk Photography. By the time I had finished chatting it was about 4:30 and I had slightly missed lunch, but I didn’t mind because it was really nice to see people there. However, the past weeks events really caught up with me last night. I nearly fell asleep at the computer a few times and by 9:30pm, coupled with toothache, I gave up and crashed on my bed. I woke up 12 hours later. I never sleep that long, ever. 10 at a push but generally 8 hours and I’m automatically awake. Speaking of eighthundred, Liverpool Stories has a video documentary on the project including interviews with a few photographers, me included. Kinda weird seeing myself speaking, but its great seeing the others at work and its a great record of building it all.


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  1. I think this is the first time I see a photo of fireworks in B&W. But I totally love it !!! It’s like you say, for some reason it is more powerful.

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