I got so lucky the other day. I was commissioned to take this shot and I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted. Blue skies, calm water and the reflection. Its a shot I knew I would get as soon as I saw the new canal link. I didn’t expect to get this lucky this quickly. I paid a price though. Literally minutes after my vision went due to a migraine, but thankfully the sun went behind a cloud so there wasn’t any point in taking any more photos. Right place, right time and moments before going blind. Just got to get it at night now.

Posted by:Pete

Photographer and part time Spider-man.

15 thoughts on “ Liverpool’s 3 Graces reflected in the new canal ”

  1. @timdp – It was tricky because the buildings could easily have been overly yellow. I’m happy with how it is :)

  2. Amazing reflection Pete, one of my favourites so far. Love checking for your updates.

  3. Fantastic shot!! Great colors and detail! Cant decide what I like more, the reflection or the original. Great job here. Hope you are doing well and recovered from the migraine attack :)

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