Liverpool’s 3 Graces reflected in the new canal

I got so lucky the other day. I was commissioned to take this shot and I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted. Blue skies, calm water and the reflection. Its a shot I knew I would get as soon as I saw the new canal link. I didn’t expect to get this lucky this quickly. I paid a price though. Literally minutes after my vision went due to a migraine, but thankfully the sun went behind a cloud so there wasn’t any point in taking any more photos. Right place, right time and moments before going blind. Just got to get it at night now.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

15 thoughts on “Liverpool’s 3 Graces reflected in the new canal”

  1. @timdp – It was tricky because the buildings could easily have been overly yellow. I’m happy with how it is :)

  2. Amazing reflection Pete, one of my favourites so far. Love checking for your updates.

  3. Fantastic shot!! Great colors and detail! Cant decide what I like more, the reflection or the original. Great job here. Hope you are doing well and recovered from the migraine attack :)

  4. woah, must have missed this one in your RSS feed. That’s a fantastic reflection, love it

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