Liverpool’s 3 Graces from the air

Another from my flight last week. You can see the work being done in front of the 3 Graces and it looks like the right hand side part is nearly done.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

14 thoughts on “Liverpool’s 3 Graces from the air”

  1. Greatly done, especially while airborne. The detail gives me a clear picture of a world far away. Thanks!

  2. i have some old photos from when there was a grassed area in front of the Liver Buildings. It looks so different now to when I was a nipper, heading out to the ferry terminal every week!

  3. Damn fine aerial/hdr combination!

    I always find interesting the appearance of a European-style urban built environment from the air – with the density concentrated in mid-rises … sure the hard-core skyscraper cities are a hoot as far as aerials go, but I gotta love the density here…

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