Liverpool Transition III

Its a bit of an odd shot this. I didn’t want to use flash because its obvious I’m taking their photo then. So I shot at f/2.8 to make people stand out. For some reason though the background looks like a painting on a canvas. Its a little strange. I can’t decide whether it would be better to have shot at f/8 or not really. Sure the buildings would have been sharp but theres something I like about the single face standing out from the reset of the event. By god I love this D700 though. ISO 10,000! You don’t want to see a 100% crop because that is pretty noisy but at 25% its very nice.


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5 thoughts on “Liverpool Transition III”

  1. Even the noise looks great on the D700…much more like film grain. I did the same as you last week and traded my Canon gear in for a D700, 24-70mm and a Sigma 50 f1.4. Wow, what a camera! Thanks for helping to push me over the edge with your night shots.

  2. Nice shot. Good choice using the ambient; flash would’ve killed the atmosphere. Personally I like the DoF f2.8 gives here, but I reckon a tighter, flatter crop would improve the image.

  3. I have not pushed my D700 to ISO 10,000 yet. It is amazing that this is such a usable image. Love the light here.

  4. I think it’s a nice image. It’s as noisy as hell, but jesus, ISO 10k, amazing.

  5. Great surprise shot!
    For the noise: I’m playing with Noise Ninja, the results are pretty amazing.
    I tested it for instance on a picture shot with ISO800, two stops underexposed, RAW, D200 camera. First I pushed the exposure two stops up in Nikon View NX, which was got well exposed but as grainy as your image. After that I applied twice Noise Ninja. The result is a softer image without almost any noise.

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