Liverpool Transition II – Take 2

I think I have had an off week. Maybe I’ve been trying too hard to make these pictures stand out with cross processing and really loud colours. So I spent a bit of time reworking yesterdays photo, and Sundays too. I’m hoping they work better now. Cross processing has been removed, buildings straightend a touch and overall its better I think. I think I need a break from things to build up my excitement levels again. Its been a long year and having to be on the go nearly every day takes its toll. I guess I need to not photograph anything until I can’t think of anything else and then run at it. That said, HMS Ark Royal is back in this weekend and it might be nice to have a play with my new 14-24. I honestly have no idea how I could make last years shots any better. The lens is sharper, 2mm wider than my previous but I dunno. Anyway, enjoy the new shot. I’ve got some surreal street photos coming this week. Giant balls on Church Street.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

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  1. “you have to go to the edge to look into the abyss” – sometimes you need to go that far to know where you feel comfortable. I honestly thought yesterday’s shot was ‘a bit too far’. Just don’t fall into the trap of not being able to let go…

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