Liverpool Town Hall

A tricky building to photograph from this side as its so close to Martins Bank. Its hard to get a clean shot of just the Town Hall.

In other news I got a call on Wednesday evening asking if I wanted to take part in an exhibition opening tonight. It was a bit short notice but luckily I had some prints lying around so I said yes. I’ve submitted 5 30×20” prints and a nice 1m canvas of the Queen Mary 2. Its at The Gallery Liverpool on Stanhope Street, over the road from Cains Brewery. Private view is from 7pm tonight and the exhibition opens tomorrow. Take a look at the flyer for more info and to see who’s exhibiting. Some good people there. Should be fun.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

8 thoughts on “Liverpool Town Hall”

  1. Congratulations on the exhibition. Yay! 3 fabbies in the exhibition. How fab is that! Will be winging my way there in the next few weeks :D

  2. A difficult perspective for sure but you managed to squeze everything in just nicely. I just love the light on the buidling…

  3. Wow, i must say this is simply amazing. The lighting is breathtaking.

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