While I do a lot of Liverpool photography, I’m not from Liverpool. I was born in Wales and have lived on the Wirral all my life. Liverpool is sort of my photographic home. Its growth as a city has been directly related to mine as a photographer. As the city has regenerated and grown with more events, architecture and developments my photography has too. I have documented more of the cultural events around the city like the Biennial, and the Brouhaha International Street Festival. When people ask I do call myself a Liverpool Photographer because its where I spend most of my time. Whether its getting photographs for this site or working, Liverpool is what I photograph the most. I plan to expand this page so stay tuned.

I am available for commercial shoots be they in advertising, or photographing a gig. My client list includes companies such as Bench, Liverpool Culture Company, Switch Media, CL3, Dot-Art, Liverpool Gallery, Trinity Media.