Liverpool nightlife – I

Over the next week I’ll be showing some photos from my last night time shoot in Liverpool city centre. This was back in June. Its a very different place at night. Normal people in fancy dress. Girls flashing their knickers to any passing guy like something from a Carry On movie. People throwing up, getting drunk, laughing and crying. Its all there in such extremes. There’s the guys on the street desperately trying to get you into their bar. There’s the couple kissing in ways you wouldn’t see during the day.

Its a very different world to day time. Its interesting though because the city seems busier in some ways. Roads that were devoid of traffic during the day are suddenly blocked by taxis. Clubs just appear out of nowhere. During the day the city is many things but during the night its just one big party. Its quite interesting to look at as a bystander. It does make for some good street photography too.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

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  1. I don’t have the guts to do that, whenever I am in busy crowded areas, sober with lots of not sober people I feel quite intimidated.

    This is a cool project though. I remember reading about a guy in Cardiff doing similar things.

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