Liverpool Lantern Parade

Liverpool Lantern Company’s community built lantern parade was once again a stunning event. Lots of local groups, schools and kids walked their own lanterns through Sefton Park on Halloween to culminate in a large musical performance. There were fireworks, explosions, skeletons, a wolf and a giant figure. It gets better each year.

Unfortunately for some reason I was off my game. I didn’t like the photos I was getting. It was too dark for ISO1600 and 50mm f/1.8 to capture people. If I used the flash the photos looked bad because of the black background. When the main event kicked off I was stuck in the crowd. I spent nearly 2hrs taking bad photos, which meant that right from the start I was off my game. I had to fight a river of people and low light. Its very easy to get lost in that mood and when you have 0 time to get out of it its very hard. Generally a good photo helps and I didn’t feel like I was getting good photos. I think the fact that the 5dm2 is out soon has been annoying me, making me feel like my gear is inferior. I hate that because it isn’t. I wish the damn thing would ship so I could get out of this mindset and back to taking good photos.

Its Liverpool Music Week this week. The hotshoe on my 30D is broken, and while most photographers say not to use the flash at gigs there are times when it works very very well. I could take my 10D but the 30D is better at 1600 than the 10D at 800. I could take both, but its a gig and I’d rather take less gear. Not a lot of room to work at these things. I could break my 10D’s hotshoe in the hope of fixing the 30D but if I can’t then I have no flash. I’m leaving in less than 3hrs. I’m just really used to ISO1600, and potentially 3200 if need be. Through in some flash and you can get some great photos.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

2 thoughts on “Liverpool Lantern Parade”

  1. I doubt that the 5DM2 will improve your images, although I sometimes get angry that there is nor real longevity in the kit. That’s why I liked my old film based rangefinders, but the problem was you couldn’t get quick results. You can’t have it both ways!

  2. Hi Pete,

    I said hello to you on Friday night. I’m glad to read your comments as it’s nice to know it wasn’t just me that struggled to get good pictures at the show. I was using 1600/2.8 and, once I realised it was too dark for that, I didn’t really know what to do.
    I tried using flash but compensated back a long way; however, the vast majority of photos were little more than smudges. I got home and felt I’d failed miserably at an event that had huge potential.
    I think the 5DM2 will make life easier judging by the high ISO samples here:

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