Liverpool crane collapse at Chandlers Warf

Liverpool crane collapse at Chandlers Warf

About 2hrs ago a crane collapsed at Chandlers Warf in Liverpool. I didn’t hear it despite living 2 mins away. I had my door closed and I was trying to get work done. Any loud noises I just assumed were construction / thunder. Then I checked Twitter which had exploded with tweets. Photos were hitting Flickr and Twitpic before the Echo website. Fantastic use of the medium once again proving the importance of Twitter. I grabbed my camera and headed out. Its not every day you see a large crane lying over a building. Its surreal and sort of hard to wrap your head around. Once I turned the corner and I could see the extent of the damage it was clear. The real danger was that there’s a power station right next to that place. The crane could have easily fallen on that and I would hate to think of how bad that would have been. I just hope no-one is injured in there. You can see people in the building being rescued by firemen.

Full story on the Echo site. Follow me on Twitter for any further updates and more local insight as things happen. Only lived here for 2 weeks and its already been a crazy 2 weeks.


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  1. Yikes! How scary. We had several deadly crane collapses in the past year or so in NYC…so scary.

  2. i have worked for htc and i am not suprised this has happened it was only a matter of time.
    i worked on a multi crane site in mddsx for htc and was forced, blackmailed on many ocasion by the ap to do lifts in high winds or block up grab ya gear and f off
    also if i was overloading the crane i was told to lower off and head up a couple of metres and have another go at lifting.
    i soon noticed the ap and many of the drivers were always
    coming into work steaming from the night before
    so glad i got out of there asap
    htc are a an acciddent waiting to happen

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