Liverpool Santa Dash 2006

The 2006 Santa Dash in Liverpool wasn’t quite what I expected. I was expecting rain, and a lot of Santas. What I found was a lovely cold December morning with a HELL of a lot of Santas. It was quite surreal afterwards. Santas everywhere. In bars, coffee stores, street corners. I didn’t get the shots I wanted as I felt quite overwhelmed and it hit me that asking to take pictures of people after they’ve just ran 5km isn’t the most flattering of things to say. Still I got some nice shots which I spent a while playing with. This is a HDR image. Why? Well basically it just looks better. Nicer sky, colours, better detail in the building, on the whole just nicer. I did some work in Photoshop too, to reduce the HDR cliched look and make it a touch more natural.

In other news, I’ve just launched a set of 10 limited edition prints with a great company in Liverpool called Dot-Art. ��50 for an A3 print, signed and numbered. Limited to 200. Yeah yeah I know, commercialism and all that but I’m a starving artist and its Christmas. :D

Camera: Canon 30D // Flash Used: No // Focal Length: 15.0mm // Exposure Time: 1/320 // Aperture: f/5.6 //
ISO equiv: 160 // Exposure Bias: -0.67 // Lens: Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

6 thoughts on “Liverpool Santa Dash 2006”

  1. Nice shot, but unfortunately the Liver building is not that colour, its light grey! The santas all look as if they are trudging miserably, and I was on the Dash this year and it was hilarious, especially the dogs all dressed up as santa too.

  2. With the morning light and HDR it came out a nicer warmer colour, which I prefer :) Artistic interpretation .

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