Liverpool Pride 2015

Another year and another rainy Pride Festival. I think the rain just makes people have a more fun time. To quote my wife, “You can’t have a rainbow without rain.”

The rain killed my X100s. I hope it comes back to life. My newly acquired Hasselblad was kept dry and I shot a roll of portraits after the event. I’ll post them when they’re done.

Liverpool-Pride-2015-6961-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6950-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6962-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7007-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6928-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6976-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6977-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7023-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6979-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6990-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7010-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6992-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7019-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7040-pete-carr

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