Liverpool council unites against government cuts

Liverpool council came together today to protest against government cuts. Members from opposition parties such as Lib-Dem spoke against the cuts affecting Liverpool.  It was good to see not only the people of the city but the leaders coming out to protest against the Tory cuts. They tried to reassure us all that Liverpool wouldn’t collapse into a broken state of filled with homeless jobless people. It was good to see the real people who are being affected by these cuts come out to stand up for their services. Local nurseries could close, cuts to NHS will ultimately not help us all get better when we need to and education will be severely affected.

Personally I’m waiting for the time when the cuts to the police force are so bad that there isn’t enough police to properly control these protests. I wonder what will happen then, when people are pushed just that bit too far and there’s no-one to stand against them.

As well as the photos below I recorded an Audioboo of the event.

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    1. CazRamsay Avatar

      @petemc I do like the Thatcher/Cameron poster, it sums up how I feel about this govt.

  2. Iain Woodside Avatar
    Iain Woodside

    Re the police I was thinking about that when the student protests were going on. The police NHS and Fire Service are all suffering locally and nationally, remember though no cuts to front line services and we are all in this together.Right on David Cameron
    Liverpool will not return to the bad days of the late 70’s early 80’s no matter how this CONDEM govt want us to.
    Think the govt might be in for an almighty shock on 26th March when the march for jobs takes place in London. All special trains laid on seats are fully booked.
    The photos are a capsule of time would love to see them again in 5 years time

  3. Alex May Avatar
    Alex May

    What an Alice in Wonderland world when the people swinging the axe get cheered by the poor wretches who will get it in the neck. Anderson could refuse to do the Tories dirty work and give a lead not just to council workers and users of services but also other councils throughout the country. Saying it’s only “the loony left” who believe a fightback is possible as Anderson did is a disgrace. Look at history where councillors in Poplar in London refused to cut benefits for the poor and inspired a mass movement. If we don’t resist the cuts this year Cameron will be back for much more next year. Will Anderson still be saying there’s no alternative then?