La Machine on Concourse Tower

La Machine has finally been revealed. Its a 50ft tall spider! Ok so it looks small there but remember that spiders always have really long legs. I’ve seen this with its legs out and its big. Some stats. It weighs 37 tonnes. Its 50 feet high. 50 hydraulic axes of movement. Its made from steel and reclaimed poplar. It moves, it does move, at 2mph and took 1 year to build. There will be 7 different special effects. Water, flame, smoke, wind, snow, light and sound. I’m going to take my G9 to get a movie, its too big an event not to, but given the other 2 bodies I’ll have I may get lost in the viewfinder and forget to make a movie. Oh for a Nikon D90.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.