Knowsley Music Festival – The People

This was the general atmosphere at Knowsley. It rained, heavily and yet no-one cared. The Who came on to torrential rain and everyone had a fantastic time. The same for when Joss Stone came on the next day, heavy rain yet people were still happy. It was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to the next one. In other news I was able to get an invite to Weekly Shot, a site I’ve been following for a while now, thanks to Dave Gibbeson. Its a very well made site as it promotes comments and ratings over posting of images for your own ego. I’m very lucky to have just got my first featured image too. I figured it was quite fitting for a theme of “Light and architecture”. Lastly, it turns out that my email address on my business cards has not been working as expected for the past few months. I did fully test it but since then the catch-all feature has failed. I’m not sure why so I apologise to anyone who has not received a response to an email.

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  1. #2 and #19 is fantastic! Great job on those!