Knowsley Music Festival – The Coral

The Coral. Top band and they started 10 minutes away from where I live in Hoylake. I have 3 more bands left to post and the general atmosphere from the weekend and then thats all from Knowsley. So if you’re not into musicians stay tuned as it will be over soon. In other news the past 3 days at the Anglican Cathedral were very interesting. It was a great way to chat to people who liked my work. I think the most annoying part was that people were saying “Wow this is amazing” and then not buying it, but I can’t blame them. I don’t buy others work so I can’t expect people to buy mine. It was very nice to see that some people did though. The most interesting part was seeing which photos people loved the most. Out of all of them, HDR, landscapes, apples, black and white, and Infrared only 2 stood out. Winter Wonderland, the Infrared scene from a few years ago and Applied Energy, the apples shot from 3 years ago with my A70. Everyone loved the “snow” scene and most people were even more impressed to learn that it was Infra-red light. Some felt it spoilt the image knowing it wasn’t snow so I didn’t tell everyone. I only told the clever people who noticed that there was no snow on the road. One person thought that’s because Wirral was cleaner than Liverpool, which was funny. Some people were a bit rude as they walked past and said “Oh I could blow my photos up and charge £25, I took the same one as that.” I explained that I had processed mine to some extent and that their’s probably didn’t look quite like mine, and I also explained that while they could they still might not sell as mine hadn’t. Still, rather cheeky to say so with the artist sitting right there. I did learn a lot from the 3 days. I made more from postcards than anything, and they’re cheaper to produce so more postcards says I. People are clearly more willing to buy £5 photo mounted than a £50 photo mounted. So while its good that I have some larger stock, I can make more money from smaller images. All in all though, just a nice way to spend 3 days, chatting to people who liked my work.