Knowsley Music Festival – Joss Stone

Ladies and gentlemen, Joss Stone. I didn’t get as many good shots as I hoped for because when she came on stage my 100-400 fogged up. I had been testing it for 5 minutes before she came on so maybe my hands were that hot that they caused condensation inside the lens. It was very weird and very very annoying as it took 2.5 hrs to fix it. I noticed steam coming off my hands and you could see my breath too. I think the humidity around the stage was insanely broke. I had to get creative with the 24-70 and found it was ok.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

2 thoughts on “Knowsley Music Festival – Joss Stone”

  1. She annoys me intensely.

    Talented, no doubt, but utterly brainless. The best thing she ever did was call that other twonk, Geldof, ‘Gandalf’.

    Good photo’s though, especially given the circumstances…

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