Kissing at the Tate

Kissing at the Tate

Last week at the Tate there was a performance piece by Claire Blundell Jones about kissing. Basically people were kissing in random places to investigate whether a social sculpture of kissing looks as aesthetically beautiful as the same act portrayed in an artwork such as Rodin’s The Kiss or whether it is just as repulsive as some people perceive kissing in public to be. At first it was people kissing but then after 5-10 minutes it was just a little odd. The romance seemed to disappear because you knew it was a performance.

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  1. Wicked image, love how this works and thanks for the info.

  2. George Jones Avatar
    George Jones

    Yeah I agree with you Pete…it was a bit strange…
    I can actally see myself in thr background looking on!

  3. Me parece genial esta imagen, ayuda a entender y tolerar las diferencias, gracias.

    Me he permitido enlazar esta imagen en mi photoblog.

    This image seems to me brilliant, aid to understand and to tolerate the differences, thanks. I have allowed myself to link this image in my photoblog.

  4. Very lovely! Spring!!!