Keep going

At a recent talk by the fantastic Joel Meyerowitz he said “Its sometimes the edge of the frame thats of interest.” I didn’t take this picture with that in mind but after looking at it I agree with him. I framed this around the nicely lit woman in the middle but after looking at it its the guy on the left that I find interesting. He looks a bit stressed out for some reason. Above him there’s a sign that says “Keep going.” Its a nice little message to him.

The Print Aid Project is going very well. Today we’ve added an absolutely stunning photo by Danny North of Blur performing live. Its available for just £10.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

2 thoughts on “Keep going”

  1. It’s funny but my eye wasn’t drawn to the nicely lit woman or the guy on the left, but to the lady behind the glass staring out to whatever is going on outside. Or maybe she’s looking at you?

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