Jubilee Street Party in Wallasey

Monday, 4th June. On the appropriately named Queensway in Wallasey a community closed the street and came together in celebration of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. This really was a massive street party. I spoke with the organiser Reg who, while being a Royalist, told me that it didn’t matter whether you liked the Queen or not. It was simply a great excuse to bring the street together and have a great day in the sun. I can’t argue with that. There was probably a mile of bunting on display here. There were flags on every house, window, and item of clothing. The Lord Mayor was there and someone even had corgis. Actual corgis at a jubilee street party on a street called Queensway. Unreal.

Reg Nagle - Street Party Organiser

Photographer and part time Spider-man.