I tried iTunes as soon as it came out, and well it didn’t turn me from Winamp. Which was a shame after hearing so much about it. The main reasons why were because of the plugins I have for Winamp. I have one to show whats playing in mirc and Trillian. I have one to upload whats playing to my website too. Recently tho I found this thread on Aqua-Soft Forumsthat made all those plugins think that iTunes was Winamp. So now I can spam whats playing in mirc all I want, Trillian too probably 🙂 I still need one for my website tho…

So now I had this plugin, I gave iTunes a fair run, and I think after 5 or 6 years I may have found my winamp replacement. 

What do I love then?

  • Gimme 40 minutes of music by Christopher Franke, and there you go
  • Ok, so I’m going out lets burn 1hr’s worth of Sugababes, Rage Against the Machine and some Jazz to an mp3 cd for my car… done
  • I know Winamp has fade between tracks, but iTunes one is devine.
  • The music store, which doesn’t support the UK yet, is brilliant. I spent a lot of time last night going through the Top 100 iTunes albums of 2003. Its great that you get 30 secs CD quality sound for a preview, and from the middle of the track too. Its such a great way to find new music.
  • Its made me realise that I really do want to switch to a Mac, and that I will love it.

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