Irish Guard marches through Liverpool

200 Irish Guards marched through the city centre yesterday. They had returned from Iraq and marched from the Anglican Cathedral to St Johns gardens for a memorial was unveiled. It was great to see people cheering and clapping in support for them. I must have looked like I got quite emotional at one point because I got something in my eye and it was watering so badly I had to take my hat off and wipe it. Just in case anyone saw me, etc.

In other news, on Febuary 13th I’m giving a talk on HDR for the BIPP. Its at Statham Lodge, 7.30pm and is £10 for non-BIPP members. It should be a good event.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

5 thoughts on “Irish Guard marches through Liverpool”

  1. hi Pete. Can anyone go to the BIPP event?
    Would I need to book in advance?


  2. As far as I know you can turn up on the night. I haven’t been told of any advanced booking.

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