Inside St Georges Hall with the minton floor

So nearly 2 years after shooting this its re-opened and I popped by to see if taking a tripod and a D700 made a difference. The picture is, imho, much better. Whether thats down to the tripod allowing for lower ISO, having a better camera or being a more experienced photographer I don’t know.

Its so tough to shoot in here, for me the complete perfections. There are two different colour temperatures lighting the place. The HDR processing really brought this out in areas. Some spots were very over saturated so I added a contrasting colour tone to fix it.

I think shooting 7 exposures bracketed 1 stop apart is also helping in some respects. Maybe… Its hard to really say. You can see the original attempts here.

David J. Nightingale from pointed out this video to me which you all need to see. There are days when I forget and days when I remember that what I do is simply capture light. It can be absolutely anything in the world but it has to come from me. I am still trying to find my voice and its entirely possible that the work I’m doing now is not it. I have a very personal project trapped in my head that only I can do and one day no-one will be able to. I should get started on that one day when I’m feeling brave enough to do it justice.