Inside St Georges Hall and the minton floor – III

The minton floor here is made up of nearly 30,000 pieces and is only shown to the public every few years to keep it from falling apart.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

10 thoughts on “Inside St Georges Hall and the minton floor – III”

  1. Finding these really interesting…I’m from the Wirral originally (and due to move back next week), and have often stood outside but have never been in. It looks absolutely majestic.

  2. I totally agree with MahonyWeb, this one is so much better! The central lights are awesome! Very nice picture =)!

  3. Stars seem to illuminate this place. Well done capturing the essence of this place. Really beautiful.

  4. Just one of Liverpool’s many treasures.
    Originally from Woolton, I moved to Canada in 1955, but have returned many times to my home city, enjoying its history, architecture, and atmosphere.
    As a keen photographer, and an engineer by profession, I intend to file this site to return to in the fuure.
    The Liverpool Town Hall was one of the places I managed to go inside, where that great ballroom is located.

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