Inside St Georges Hall

Something I’ve been asking myself recently is “If I take the makeup off my photos are they still good?” So here’s one. This was it over 18 months ago. HDR processed to retain detail and then processed in Lightroom. This time though I did very little tweaking in Lightroom. Its still been HDR’d, mainly because I’m a picky and wanted to retain the detail in the stain glass window, but it hasn’t been caked in processing like the one from February 2009.

Its funny really. You can go back to the 2007 versions and they still look different. Still HDR but different processing. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the shot “right” as what’s “right” is constantly changing. For now I’m happy with this version.


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5 thoughts on “Inside St Georges Hall”

  1. For me, the 2009 version has too much contrast (and perhaps a touch too much saturation), but this version is a little flat. I prefer something in between.

  2. I like this one, it feels so bright. Eikonos is right though, it feels a little flat. I also wonder how it would look like with a warmer white balance.

    1. Fair comments. I did increase the contrast a touch but I felt a lack of contrast really helped you see all the details in the darker areas.

      I also think that a warmer white balance would make it look too yellowy. Its rather yellow tinted as it is due to all the lighting.

  3. I like this- I was there in 2007 and I try to make pictures, but….
    Did you try to photographer the angels at the celling, there are have to go to the gallary and from one point you can see at the hearside – the face from jesus…I try it but but my camera is´t so good (soory my english)

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