In the Navy

One of the crew of HMS Ark Royal, a local girl too.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

11 thoughts on “In the Navy”

  1. I really like this one, so many good elements to it: the crewmember, the flag, the view along the river. Well done

  2. A classic B&W from you Pete, I love these. Great tones and contrast with just the right amount of lighting on the flag and the girl’s face. I’m wondering what you were stood on though. Maybe would have liked a bit more separation between the girl, flagpole and (Liver?) building perhaps but you’d probably be in the drink before you got it.

  3. Great shot , has it had some hdr ? would like to see in colour. captures the visit in one !

  4. Great composition in this one Pete. The girl, skyline and the clouds all work brilliantly together.

  5. You said you wanted a different pic of the Ark Royal- looks like you managed. Superb, Pete; everything just comes together here. If you’d done a sketch of how you’d want the perfect waving flag to look, this would be it.

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