Iceland Architecture

I found the architecture in Iceland quite interesting. Reykjavik had some taller modern buildings going up by the ports but the traditional style seemed to be corrugated boxes with pointy roofs. I really liked the look. The cathedral was of course stunning. Iceland has a very Nordic feel to it with all the churches on the hillsides.

When you got out of Reykjavik the smaller towns felt quite American / Alaskan. There was no McDonalds but they had a Taco Bell. It’s a European country but it really felt American at times, in the smaller towns anyway.

Once you got away from the towns it was just vast landscape and farms. Tiny buildings. Epic vistas. Out of the city on the side of a mountain and the buildings were not very tall but quite wide to compensate. I guess they’re low to allow the wind to pass over them as efficiently as possible.

Oh and wheelie bins. Surreal seeing them.