House of Memories

Apart from running some of the best museums in the country, National Museums Liverpool also work with the community on such heartwarming projects such as House of Memories. I was asked to document one of their events before Christmas and it was lovely. People with dementia were welcomed at the Museum of Liverpool with tea, cakes and activities designed to help trigger memories. Guests were invited to have their photo taken and produce a photobook to take home.  People were singing, dancing and laughing. There was a collection of memorabilia designed to trigger memories.

There was just so much joy and warmth in the room. Huge respect to NML for putting these on and to the careers who work with people with dementia.

Comment 01

  1. What a fantastic event. Your documenting of it conveys an element of gentleness and is sympathetic to the position that the dementia sufferers and their families find themselves in. Well done for the way that you have coveyed such a sensitive subject with your excellent images.

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