HMS Mersey in Liverpool

HMS Mersey in Liverpool

I spent about an hour getting photos of HMS Mersey yesterday. The light was harsh and annoying so pretty much most of the images were rubbish. I tried to HDR some and failed because the light wasn’t very good. This was pretty much the last image I took and it worked. I wanted a WW2 war film feel to it. I wanted it to look as if had been photographed by Chambre-Hardman in the 40s.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

10 thoughts on “HMS Mersey in Liverpool”

  1. Looks great Pete…I didn’t even know the ship was in…I’d have gone to see it myself

  2. Best photo ive seen in a long time. I dont often comment but i reckon your my fav photographer now. King of hdr !

  3. come rain (turbulent skies) or shine (sparkiling sea)the navy is always there. Great shot mate. Pity we can’t get so close to warships over here.

  4. I was helping out with ships open to visitors on HMS Mersey then. A really great picture!

  5. Fabulous photo Pete, it looks even better on your shots than it did in real life!!

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