HMS Illustrious in Liverpool

HMS Illustrious is in town. She’s the sister ship of HMS Ark Royal. Instead of helicopters she gets Harrier jump jets. Very cool. This isn’t a HDR image. I took one just in case but this works well enough. Its actually a 242 second exposure. I’ve been playing with crazy exposure times the past few days. Its funny really. I was talking to a mate about the lighting and I commented how I wouldn’t get a nice photo because the ship is barely lit. Its no cruise ship. I was quite surprised when I saw something this clear appear on my display.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

18 thoughts on “HMS Illustrious in Liverpool”

  1. This is really stunning! What a beautiful and impressive shot of an impressive ship. Amazing colors.

  2. I had forgotten about exposure times since going digital, I am going to check my camera, I love your photo its a great shot.

  3. The long exposure almost makes this look like it has a glass floor. Lovely effect.

  4. Long exposures are always surprising I think. There is so much to be photographed in the dark. This one turned out great!

  5. @Hitesh Sawlani – I used a bit of recovery in Lightroom but some of the highlights are blown out. Personally its an ok price to pay.

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