Hanging out in Venice

The first time I was in Venice I noticed how odd it was that everyone hung their washing out over the street. It was certainly pretty to look at but just odd. Here in the UK we put our washing in our back yard hidden away from everyone. Venetians often don’t have back yards so they are forced to do this.

Of course its a little risky hanging your unmentionables out for everyone to see. What if it gets really windy while you’re out and it blows off down the street? Further still what if you live by a canal and it ends up floating away?

As I pondered these issues a peg fell from the sky quickly followed by a pair of men’s underwear. I didn’t really know what to do. Minutes later an Italian woman shouted down to a passer by who threw the underwear back up. It took a few attempts. So there is a very real issue that your clothes could float off down a canal. Not at all worrying.