Goodbye 2009

Goodbye 2009

I really wanted to end 2009 with a look back over the past decade. Annoyingly its a bigger job than I previously thought. I start with film, go digital by 2001 and really get moving around 2003. Its been really interesting looking back. I have a photo of the last sunset of the previous decade. Its a bad photo but I have it. So here’s a good photo of the last sunrise of this decade. Seems fitting in a way. Everything is different now, and yet theres a part of me that hasn’t changed at all. There’s a part of me that knew back then how important it was to record certain moments. It would take another 3 years for me to get into photography, then 2 after that I looked at becoming a professional. 10 years after taking that sunset photo I realised the most important thing I can do with my camera is record moments before they’re gone. Why do I take photos? Because I can’t travel back in time. Simply that. I knew it before I became a photographer.

In other news this photoblog was a finalist in both the “Best Photoblog of 2009” and the “Best European Photoblog of 2009” categories on I had no idea I was a finalist. I’m incredibly surprised. 2009 has been a far quieter year than 2008 so I figured there was no way I’d be up there. I found it in my referrers today and well I’m shocked. To see my little site up there with the greatest photoblogs on the planet is seriously something else. What a way to round up what can only be called the best year of my life so far. Have a great New Year everyone. See you on the flipside.


This is the millennium sunset photo. Its really not good but its better to have it than not.


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  1. all the best pete hope this next decade is even better for you i look forward to reading your blog and seeing your uniquely pete carrs pictures, keep up the great work follow your heart and you wont go far wrong :-D

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