Going Nikon

So this week I went Nikon.  Ya, crazy eh. But why? How? Why?
For the love of god why?! I hear someone cry from the back of the room who doesn’t know whats going on but wanted to join in. Well a week ago my 30D’s shutter died. £200 to fix. I was left with a 10D, 24-70, 10-20, 70-200 and a 50mm. I pre-ordered a 5dm2 back in September and that was meant to ship at the beginning of December, it didn’t. It was then updated and meant to ship on the 11th and who knows if it would. So I thought to myself, to get back up and running I would need to spend £2200. 5d2 and 30D shutter. I needed the 30D for a shoot next week so I’d would have needed it fixed, £200. In an odd moment of clarity on Monday it hit me. D700 + 24-70 was around £2500. Only an extra £300.

Now I really liked the look of the 5d2. Brilliant camera. But 3.9fps was always going to be slower than the 5fps I was use to on the 30D. I could get used to it and planned to. But in my heart I wanted a “Canon D700” and I have done for months. Everything was just so right, just what I wanted in a camera. So in a way the 30D breaking was liberating. If I had gone with the 5d2 I would have needed a new grip, batterys, and wide angle lens. Just as I would on the D700. It seemed like a no brainer. Spend a bit more money now and get that awesome kit. Sell Canon gear and its not that expensive really.

I’m now the proud owner of a D700. A 24-70. A 50mm f/1.8 and a 14-24! If I had stuck with Canon I was going to get the 17-40, a great lens but its no 14-24 and I do love wide angle stuff. The 14-24 is an amazing lens and I can’t wait to play with that. A whole 2mm wider than my 10-20 on the 30D and at the wide end thats a lot. Plus 2.8, should be interesting.

Oh the other good thing is that the D700 works with Lightroom right now. 5D2 doesn’t yet which would have been annoying in some respect. Plus the file sizes aren’t stupidly large.

Observations so far.

+ Awesome viewfinder.
+ The eye cover thing isn’t going to fall off like my Canon ones have, sooooo nice.
+ Lens hoods lock better.
+ I keep breaking the lenses when taking them off because they come off the other way to Canon.
+ Shutter sound is very cool
+ Love the customization stuff
+ B&W in live view!
+ Settings available from the rear display not just on top, awesome
+ ISO25,600! Grainy, but fun
+ Auto ISO. Brilliant stuff. Set the lowest shutter speed, highest ISO.
+ AEB does 9 photos!

– AEB only goes up to 1 stop either way, not 2 unless you take 5 photos. Thats going to take a bit of getting used to and hopefully it won’t cost me any possible HDRs. When I get the grip it’ll go up to 8fps and should be fine.


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12 thoughts on “Going Nikon”

  1. My God, a traitor =) Have fun with your new camera, I’m sure you will do wonders with it! Can’t wait for the magical photos.

  2. Now when you put it like that I can see the logic in it…personally I always think most people opt for either Canon or Nikon and then just stay because of the hassle of replacing all the lenses…I know it’s one of the reasons barring a lottery win I’ll stay a Canon man (for now!)

  3. Now get a 35 f/2 and an 85 f/1.8 and you have the perfect lightweight low-light awesomeness kit.

  4. I want that 24-70. I know I wouldn’t get the whole benefit of it on a D200, but it’s an amazing lens and my sigma is getting quite tired!

    I can’t believe ISO 25,600 – it’s actually usable! I can’t go above 1000 on the D200 if I want to be able to use the photo.

    Are you finding that you’re getting better results with the new kit, or is it more of a long term investment?

  5. Hey Pete, interesting decision as I have been thinking of going the other way – replacing my D2x, D70 and 5+ lenses for a Canon and a couple of L lenses. It’s nice to see the comparison from a ex-Canon user’s POV…

  6. A sensible move – sometimes fate makes the logical choice – having not invested heavily in glass you where able to switch – will be interesting to see how long the Nikon shutter lasts, being a light user that you are :-)

  7. A few comments there. Lets see.

    @Klemen – Cheers :)

    @Northshore – Aye. You buy into the lens system more than the body. I just haven’t really bought into it. I have 2 to 3 main lenses.

    @Rob – Thats the plan :)

    @Jasper – I currently find I’m getting good results. Better? Technically maybe. Its hard to say. I’m getting shots I’m happy with at least.

    @seriocomic – Canon have the better primes, thats for sure. But if you don’t need them get a D700.

    @Ianws – Shutter is rated to 150,000. Gimme a few weeks ;)

    @Phil – I’m going to do a “Whats in my bag” tye post later in the week if I can.

  8. I want a “Canon D700” too! I think you made a good choice, despite being a Canon man – the D700 is a better camera IMO. I’ve done those same sums, adding up the cost of swapping systems – the slightly superior IQ at big-print sizes and L-Series glass keeps me in the Canon camp – just. You didn’t even mention the Black Dot issue with the 5D Mk2…

    Good luck with the new blog Pete, nice to see even more of your stuff.

  9. The D700 has some brilliant reviews and some great looking features – I’m going to get one in the New Year I think – and retire my D200s which are looking a bit battered now. The first one I had has taken 80 000 plus images!!!!

  10. I love my D700. I’ve also just picked up your HDR Workbook and am anxious to give it a go. I’ve never done any HDR or AEB stuff yet and was wondering if the camera can be set up to take the 9 pictures with one shutter press. I’d like to use the 1 second mirror up delay with it also. I suppose I can set it to do 9 shots in continuous high and just practice. Got any advice for a fledgling? How do you shoot yours?

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