Go Superlambananas

Go Superlambanana

Another HDR that I may have gone a little too far with. I wanted to emphasize the colours and slightly surreal aspect of a small army of Superlambananas. Its got a sort of album cover feel and I can’t help but think of the Beatles. No idea why but I look at it and I think ‘Beatles’.


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5 thoughts on “Go Superlambananas”

  1. Superb ! I wouldn’t worry about the overdoing of the HDR as it’s made this image ‘pop’. I think Beatles crossed with Pink Floyd when I see this, excellent stuff.

  2. Looks like a great use of HDR to me. I dig it. Never be nervous about offending the soulless minions of orthodoxy who seek to deaden and dullify the world (HDR detractors of the world I’m pointing at you!)

  3. Beatles? I think you’re angling for an effects job on Dr Who. Oddly compelling for all it’s OTT.

  4. I would have needs for your councils.
    I have just downloaded the last version of Photomatix (3,0,3) and I notice that there is not more possibel to generate an image HDR at the beginning of only one tiff like before! Does my question = how to proceed when one have only one image (tiff or JPEG)?
    Thank you in advance,

  5. @Mark – Yeah Beatles. Noooo idea why. Probably some subconscious thing from seeing an album cover as a kid or something.

    @Frank – Best thing is to read my hdr guide, at the top of the page, and make 3 tiff’s from 1 RAW.

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