Girl in the snow

This is the scene about 10 minutes before the really heavy stuff came down. This must have been how I looked in my wooly coat too. I bet this poor girl turned white when it got really bad.


Photographer and part time Spider-man.

14 thoughts on “Girl in the snow”

  1. i love the tonality here, the contrast on the coat, and the fact that she has been walking head on for an inordinately long time for it to settle….. the plane of focus / depth of field is spot on, great image….. csj @ID7

  2. This is wonderful. Others have already said it but I love how raw and totally urban it is. When you live in a city you go out whether there is a blizzard, torrential downpour or a gorgeous, sunny day. I love all the black and white tones and the light. I found you on coolphotoblogs. so glad I did! I’m adding you to my blog roll.

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