Girl in a hat

I found it much easier to do street style photography at the Africa Oye festival on Sunday. That may have been because I could get close to people using the 100-400 without physically getting close to them. The 100-400 isn’t exactly your normal street photographers lens. The whole point is that you do get close to people. Some shoot at 28mm. In other news, my shiny new Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L arrived. Its a replacement for the Sigma 24-70 because the front end is wobbly and I can’t afford to be without it for 2 weeks while its fixed. So I figured I may as well upgrade, get the other fixed and sell it off. The best thing is that the 2 lenses I use the most both use a 77mm thread. So I can share filters. Also, I’m 1 L lens away from being able to join the Canon Pro club.

One response

  1. Hi Pete,
    great shots as always. Wish I could get great shots like that all the time, still I’m not pro.
    However, re being 1 L lens away from joining the canon pro club, the 50mm 1.8 is listed as sufficiant. So you should be able to join now. Arn’t you pleased I told you that. Well maybe not.